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Rich & Irresistible Assortment Of Cakes

:::: Celebrate every moment with rich and irresistible assortment of cakes from Chillbakes. Now, order a …
Location: gurgaon   |   Category: services

Last minute birthday planning? Here's where you can buy a cake even at night!

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Delhi is a midnight cake heaven and here's how you can enjoy it!

:::: Chillbakes make the best designer cakes in Delhi. Our Fun with Mickey and Minnie is a lovely cake to…
Location: gurgaon   |   Category: services

Order Cake Delivery in Gurgaon for Every Occasion

:::: We never doubt the significance of sweets on joyous occasions. To us desserts dictate the mood and v…
Location: gurgaon   |   Category: services

Want to know how you can beat the traffic blues in Bangalore and eat delicious cakes?

:::: Chill Bakes, a favourite among Banglorians, is famous for its appetizing cakes. It provides endless …
Location: gurgaon   |   Category: services

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To submit a classified Ad for the gurgaon region, simply access the site, fill out the appropriate information in the form and include all the necessary details and contact information. With our advanced platform you can even add video or other advanced features to appeal to customers in a whole new way.